Message from the President

My dear members of the Korean Academy of Facial Plastic
and Reconstructive Surgery (KAFPRS).

A new year of 2021 has come.

My name is Professor Soo Whan Kim of the Catholic University of Korea. It’s a privilege to be appointed
as the sixth president of KAFPRS.

The year 2020 will be remembered as a challenging and stifling year for all of us. The COVID-19 crisis has downgraded the international conferences, which we prepared for such a long time, to domestic conferences, and many activities have also been transformed into virtual events. This situation will continue for some time. However, compared to other academic societies, our organization has managed to smoothly conduct all our planned academic events because of the driving force of our former president, Jung Soo Kim, and through the efforts of our executive directors.

KAFPRS has a short history of 10 years, but in such a short period, it has developed rapidly both domestically and internationally. This would not have been possible without the outstanding dedication of the five former presidents as well as executive directors and members.

KAFPRS is rooted in otolaryngology. It was founded under this proposition: “It is the most ideal that otolaryngologists, who best know and treat the functional parts of the ear, nose, neck, and face, pursue the cosmetic parts simultaneously.” Internationally, KAFPRS has already signed MOUs with Southeast Asia countries. Furthermore, American and European facial plastic societies are recognizing KAFPRS as a Korean partner for facial plastic surgery. In addition, KAFPRS is playing a leading role in Southeast Asia’s facial plastic reconstruction industry. In Korea, the status of KAFPRS has improved because of the significant changes in the perception of patients and Korean society.

Since KAFPRS’s establishment 10 years ago, the organization has continued to leap forward, and today, KAFPRS is at the starting point of a new decade. The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually end, and KAFPRS will have to prepare for the post-coronavirus age. As KAFPRS president, I will do my best to further develop the organization’s initiatives, honoring the founders who created and developed this organization with great difficulty. I shall make every effort to restore international exchanges that have been suspended because of the outbreak and will endeavor to protect the rights and interests of our members. Furthermore, I shall represent, with integrity, our opinions in the government and insurance policy. I will try to get better understanding from Korean people, and above all, I will do my best to help make KAFPRS a pleasant academic society where the members can promote friendship and solidarity among its members.

My dear KAFPRS members, as your new president, it is with great optimism that I implore you to achieve all your plans for the year 2021.

I also wish you and your family good luck and health.

January 1, 2021 Korean Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Soo Whan Kim / The 6th President